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About the artist

She studied Landscape Architecture in Warsaw. She has exhibited her works in Poland and Germany. In Warsaw, she organized a one-day vernissage at the PGE National Stadium. In 2017, for two months, you could see her works in an episodic gallery devoted only to Urszula Clarise, in the most modern Astoria Premium Offices office building in Warsaw. In December 2018, it opened two of its exhibitions on one day in two cities, in two countries - Zgorzelec-Görlitz.

Her main trend in painting is portrait, combining saturated colors with the temperament of the painted figure. Urszula is also passionate about preserving the beauty and dynamism of sport through art. She loves the marriage of everyday objects with color, gives a "second life" by customizing everything that surrounds her. The effects of this love can be seen in clothes, shoes, suitcases, porcelain and many other things painted by Ursula, which become the carriers of art.

Urszula Clarise's painting style is not easy to name. One can find in it modern impressionism and POP-art. The created works have clearly sharpened colors, which allows them to emphasize the strength and character of the painted person. Various painting procedures, from the painted figures, extract their history and soul. The same illusions achieved with color sharpen the feeling of movement in sports images. As the first field immortalized on the canvases, Urszula chose cycling.
Sir Richard Branson himself, the founder of the Virgin Group, was delighted with her paintings.